SINGLES – Flirt up your life: The interactive relationship.
Conquer the heart of attractive Linda or make Mike fall in love with you!

Singles – Flirt up your Life! is the simulation of the exciting relationship between Mike and Linda. The game shows them in their shared flat, which means that everyday routines are focused as well: Cooking, watching TV and cleaning are as important as talks and a cuddle. And of course the two have to work for a living as well …

- of the art 3D engine for attractive and detailed  &characters
- Skill system enables individual development  paths
- Romantic-erotic situations

Singles 2: Triple Trouble - Three's a crowd?
Arh .. Love is in the air. 2004 was a mixed year for relationships. Peter and Jordan found love in the rain forest, Jude and Sadie went their separate ways, Sven got caught in scandal and Deep Silver launched its controversial PC CDROM title Singles: Flirt up your Life. Available worldwide, Singles: Flirt up your Life is the entertaining life sim, which blends stunning graphics, engrossing story and cheeky, sexy humour. Launching May 2005, the Singles get their first sequel in the form of Singles 2: Triple Trouble, involving players in a brand new episode of the Singles lives.

Romantic comedy Singles 2: Triple Trouble involves three young singles who share an apartment in the city. Having had a rough year, the player moves into their new apartment, little knowing that an ex of theirs is currently living there. Using a stunning new 3D engine, Singles can be dressed in a whole range of different outfits, express themselves in even more realistic and recognisable ways and explore beyond their apartment to new locations, where they can meet other characters for friendship, romance, possibly more? Developed by Rotobee and exclusively published by Deep Silver, Singles 2: Triple Trouble launches May 2005 and is exclusively distributed by KOCH Media in UK, Germany and Italy.

Valentines Day
As Valentines Day comes closer, we enclosed three new eCards for the Singles Community. Send your valentine wishes to your beloved ones the Singles way! Click here for the new eCards.
WIN A REAL PAINTING - 17.12.2004

Santa Claus is coming to town: You could win a real Singles painting!
Just send an email to us with the subject as “Singles Painting”.

PS: If you want to win, pls add your postal address (for big parcels).

Next to this we are proud to present you new Xmas-Ecards.

Get new Objects for your Singles! - 06.12.2004
As the holiday season approaches you should also think about gifts for the virtual population of your favourite game! Since Singles: Flirt up your life was released, many fans started to work on extensions for the game. New objects, character-skins and outfits were created by numberous people and all their efforts are waiting for you to be downloaded and installed. A good starting point for a search ist the englisch website Start downloading and tune the game to your liking!
Singles on CNN - 23.06.2004 'Singles' brings virtual living to adult level
This is a curious goal for a computer game, but it is fun to watch your singles flirt, joke and bond. And no, there isn't much explicit detail. The highly detailed 3-D graphics and intuitive free-roaming camera are two of the game's greatest achievements. Read more
ESCmag: Voyeuristic fun - 04.06.2004
ESCmag editor Andy Grieser is surprised (and happy) to find Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, a game that deals frankly with sex. "The graphics really are amazing, from facial expressions to the interplay of shadows. Yes, you won't find a trace of cellulite on any of the women, and the men sport six-pack abs, but come on: It's a computer game. Have fun with it. At least the body types are different. That adds a bit of voyeuristic fun: How will the mysterious spy seductress look nekkid as compared to the girl next door? Gotta play to find out."  Read more
Singles all around the world - 31.05.2004
The crazy little thing called love ...

Jolt: Enjoyable sim
The game offers enough options that you could spend dozens of hours playing slightly different versions of the game ... more

Totalvideogames: Graphics 94%
We've never seen character models quite like this before ... more
Single combats - 21.05.2004
Game-sector: Fancy watching (80%)
Its worth the money and will occupy you for hours on end ... more

Gamerseurope: Its got boobs
If you like this sort of thing (not the digital porn aspect) then Singles is the best game of its type out there. ... more

Realgamer: Worryingly realistic
Singles: Flirt Up Your Life features some excellent graphics, in particular character models that all possess extremely realistic physiques and facial expressions ... more
Singles-hole mounting - 10.05.2004
Pardon for the headline. Read the articles for more: )

Thunderbolt: A unique look
However, the way Singles works isn't exactly the same as EA's blockbuster and in some ways it betters it. ... more

Gamershell: Sex sells
Singles is both a ‘life-sim’ and a ‘love-sim’... more
Playxcess: Everybody flirts (80%)
The voyeuristic appeal of The Sims enraptured millions and left me bleakly wondering what, exactly, I had missed. ... more
- 30.04.2004
BASINGSTOKE, England April 30th, 2004) – Well, maybe not French kissing, but certainly copious amounts of German loving is in the air, with DEEP SILVER’s SINGLES FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE. Following the successful launch in Germany, Italy and the UK, this sexy little number has been expanding the DEEP SILVER brand into further European countries, including France, Spain, Benelux, Hungary, Poland and Russia. more
Press Impressions - 28.04.2004
Folks, have on look at this:

Deafgamers: Naughty bits (81%)
...believe me it's not all about sex and what we have here is a more focused version of The Sims ... more

Videogameslife: Homosexual relations
Singles has beautiful visuals and a stunning level of detail, and deals with relationships and sex in a more effective and realistic way than the Sims ... more
Gamesxtreme:An engaging game (81%)
Good, old fashioned (or not so old fashioned) sexual tension and situations... It was enough like the Sims to be familiar, but there are enough differences and quirks to make it a separate game entirely ... more
"Singles – Flirt up your Life" is popular throughout Europe - 12.03.2004
The PC game Singles – Flirt up your Life, which is already popular in Germany, has met with the public's approval throughout Europe. KOCH Media has concluded a cooperation deal with Ubisoft for the European marketing.

The games label Deep Silver's life simulation rocketed right to the top of the charts a mere week after it was launched in the German speaking area. The game is distributed by KOCH Media in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Ubisoft has obtained the distribution rights for France, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. The marketing rights in Poland lie with Techland. "Singles" is scheduled to be released in stores outside the German speaking area by 1 April 2004.

"I'm really looking forward to working with Ubisoft on Singles - Flirt up your Life. Ubisoft will devote the greatest attention to the title outside the countries in which we are marketing it ourselves," Klemens Kundratitz, Managing Director for KOCH Media, says about the cooperation.

In view of the German chart ranking, Deep Silver continues to support the title with marketing measures. For example, the regular TV advertising will be continued. Gangsters and chick flicks - 08.03.2004

Ok, you can tell your singles to strip off and parade them around the house completely naked, but they soon realise what you're doing and run away to try and cover up their modesty. more »

Talk about Singles - 18.02.2004
You’ll find new pictures in the Screenshot section. And you like to read more about the game? Take this:

Edge #134
And as the screenshots show, Singles doesn't shy away from much.
Read more in Edge #134

The game promises to be as humorous as it is raunchy ...

If players forget to empty the bins or perform other menial household jobs then they don't to cop off at thhe end of the day. But if they do, then, bingo, it's nookie time.
Read more at Tech Digest

Fantastic news for all emotional cripples and the tragically shagless - you've just got your own "life simulation".
Read more in Loaded 04/04

Singles - To know how the wind blows. - 05.02.2004
Singles will be available on PC CDRom from April 4th.

Metroradio (3.2.2004)
This is what The Sims should have been.

The Sun Online (Gizmo)
A RAUNCHY computer game where players aim to get two sex-starved flatmates into bet for a steamy romp is being launched in Britain.

Loved and loving ones, - 30.01.2004
Here is part of the media echo about the Singles, which we did not want to keep back. Besides, there are new screenshots, also of the very popular Natasha.

PC GAMER 12/2003
It gives you what every SIMS player secretly wants.

PC Retail 01/04
This title combines the attraction of sex with the Sims fascination.

PC Zone 02/04
It's time to put a little lurve in your heart...

Gamer TV
Graphically enhanced sims get naked and do the dirty. It's a seller!
Many new ideas and some quite frankly remarkable visuals that should get any Sims fan into a bit of a stir.

Sex in the city or a cosy love nest in the country – that is the question!
In the beginning was the DIY – will you be able to afford that luxurious designer piece in the end?
Home, but not quite alone ... a little kiss seems inevitable – and perhaps even more!
Candlelight dinners sweeten every partnership – hearts can be hungry as well!
We never promised you a rose garden – but after the rain, the sun will shine again!
It's rare and precious – are you ready for it?